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What are the different performance appraisal methods? Pick two: the one you find to be MOST effective (and tell us why) and the one you find to be LEAST effective (and tell us why).

For the most effective, explain how it is effective in doing the following:

• providing fair and reliable ways of differentiating employees;

• targeting and rewarding those who most deserve it;

• setting forth a fair and cost-effective plan for compensation; and

• motivating and ensuring performance of employees.

For the least effective, explain how it interferes in the above four items.



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For starters, the company I work for heard us out and changed our compensation plan to be a lot more competitive. They have gave everyone in the company an hourly increase, a promised .05% commission, with different bonus opportunities. Which is great because there was minimum to sell in order to get paid out on commissions before this change that goes into 

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