Honor Code

EduYoda is designed as an assistive learning platform. We expect all of our users to follow our Honor Code. We take misuse of our products and services very seriously and users and/or tutors who do not follow this code will be censured, including potentially being banned from our platform.

For Students & Users:

Use of any EduYoda service to complete assignments without gaining comprehension of subject matter is something we don't want registered students to do. You are expected not to use any of the solutions, answers, materials or information available on or through our Websites and Services to cheat. Examples include:

  • Submitting any textbook solutions or other content from our services to any class as your own work.
  • Using our questions and answers service to complete tests, exams, or homework when instructed by your professor or institution not to use outside help.
  • Any other violation of your instructor’s or school’s academic honor code.

If EduYoda is presented with evidence that its services have been used in a manner contrary to this code, EduYoda may, in its sole discretion, remove the materials and terminate the account of the involved users.

For Professors:

If you have concerns that students may be using our products inappropriately, EduYoda is here to work with you and address your concerns. As a cooperation, we will terminate the Userid of the student, but the request must come directly from the office of the dean or the body in charge of handling matters of academic investigation at the university. The written request must be made on university letterhead and indicate that the information is needed as part of an official school investigation into academic integrity. The letter should be dated, signed and please include URLs or any other information that is relevant to the investigation. You can scan and email the letter back to contact@eduyoda.com.

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