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EduYoda was founded in 2018 with a goal of developing a platform which connects tutors and students and help them interact to meet various academic needs. The company emerged to meet the demand of best quality of academic writing at a low cost, without compromising the privacy and security of its registered users.

Our mission is to assist students save time, save money, and get smarter in order to improve the overall return on educational investment.



We understand the importance of Deadline in the academic writing field. Therefore, if any tutor misses a deadline, student will get full refund.


EduYoda experiences a high customer repeat rate of 83.2%. The stats shows the quality of tutors and their reliability.

365/24/7 Support

Facing any issue with the quality or communicating with the student? Our support team will assist you with your queries 24x7.

Refund Policy

EduYoda has a most customer oriented refund policy which keeps the student’s satisfaction as a priority. Student gets full refund for the quiz questions and questions marked for 100% guarantee, if they turned out to be wrong. Student also gets full refund for questions scoring less than 60% of grades, given that they are solved by our tutors.

Professional Tutors

EduYoda also has a team of In-house tutors, which are verified, dedicated and work for the company full-time. These are the most efficient tutors in the industry who can assist students with the entire courses.


Privacy is the key pillar for EduYoda. The website doesn’t share the student information with any third party (college, government body, etc.). Student’s id cannot be visited by any other registered user.

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