In this Assignment you will begin your career search on the website of the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor and Statistics (www.bls.gov) for your degree that you have earned (AAS Business Administration).  For example for business, read about the occupation, job summary, entry-level education and the median pay.  In general some of the skills you should have acquired in the course of your studies for the Associate’s Degree in Business Administration program would include the below skills.

Please address the following checklist items in a one-page paper (350 words).


  • Analyze your short term career goals.
  • Review your action plan (how you will achieve these goals).
  • Review the bachelor's degree career possibilities, skills required, and corresponding salaries on the U.S. Department of Labor website: Occupation Handbook.
  • Compare required skill sets needed and lifetime earnings at both the associate's level, bachelors, and master's level for a particular position.
  • Based on what you have discovered what are the differences in skill sets required at each degree level from those that you have now?  How might your lifetime career goals change?

Skills acquired over the course of your studies:

  1. Strong oral and written communication. If you have a great policy and procedure to change the business, you must effectively communicate it.  
  2. Critical thinking skills. Be able to think beyond how to solve the problem, to analyze it after implementation to realize how it is going to affect the company.  
  3. Leadership skills. Be able to influence others.
  4. Anticipate information technology needs to remain competitive.  
  5. Understanding of different cultures and self-awareness of having a diverse pool of employees.  
  6. Intellectual curiosity. Not just to ask questions, but ask the right questions to get the right answer.  
  7. Experience. To become an expert in the industry. To remain a life-long learner in your profession.





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