Question 1

The central theme of the article "Digital Punishment's" tangled web is:

 access to criminal records online has made us safer in the U.S.  

 crime websites and bloggers need to be supported and given more access to digital crime data  

 online access to mug shots and arrest charges has created a major expansion of the criminal justice system  

 digital access to criminal history is creating a more fair criminal justice system  


Question 2

1 in 7 adults in the United States has some kind of criminal record.




Question 3

One of the critiques the author of "Digital Punishment's Tangled Web" had regarding the expansion of easy access to mug shots and criminal records was:  

 criminal records to too difficult to understand and need lawyers to interpret the information  

 criminal records often are password protected and not enough people have access to them  

 criminal records are too short and need a more detailed explanation of the crime  

 criminal records are used now to assess the morality and character of a person  


Question 4

Records of arrest and mugshots are available online even when a person is innocent or when charges against that person are dropped.




Question 5

In the article, "The Digital Punishment's Tangled Web," the author interviewed people who had online histories that "popped up" when they were applying for jobs or volunteer opportunities. His interviewees decided not to apply for the job or to volunteer because:

 they feared arrest or having their kids taken away if their criminal history was discovered  

 upon discovering a criminal history, potential employers will report any unsettled charges to the authorities  

 all of the above  

 private background companies are hired and will find dismissed charges that are later shared online or sold to online record keepers  


Question 6

Which of the following is one of the principles of what George Ritzer called a McDonaldized society?



 All of the above  

 Control over uncertainty  


Question 7

Which of the following was a major theme in the article, "McDonaldization of Society?"

 That as a society we have become so rationalized that we no longer have order in the production of goods or services.  

 That as a society we have relied so much on McDonald's and other fast food that it has impacted our health.  

 That as a society our institutions and organizations are becoming more efficient and as a result major problems are considered  

 That McDonald's is a extremely successful company and if most organizations were operated in a similar way they would be more profitable.  


Question 8

In one goes to McDonald's and orders a Big Mac, that very same Big Mac will taste almost exactly the same if it were ordered and prepared in California and Texas. The expectation that consumers have regarding the taste of a Big Mac is best reflected in which of the following principles that were discussed the article?



 Substitution of Non-Human Technology  



Question 9

George Ritzer refers to a society where efficiency, predictability, substitution of non-human for human technology, and control over uncertainty are emphasized as:

 total institutions  





Question 10

In the article, "The McDonaldization of Society," the author emphasized the positive aspects of rationalization and how our society is benefitting from running more like a fast-food restaurant.  




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