Question 1

McDonald's in Hong Kong offered the first form of fast food in Hong Kong.




Question 2

All McDonald’s restaurants in Hong Kong have a thirty-minute table time rule.




Question 3

Hong Kong consumers had difficulty with all of the following aspects of the fast food formula except:

 bussing their own tables  

 waiting for others to finish eating before hovering over a table  

 figuring out how to eat a French fry  

 forming a queue  


Question 4

_____ is a key element of McDonald’s U.S. success that did not work in Hong Kong.



 Friendly service  

 Table space  


Question 5

When McDonald's was first introduced in Hong Kong in the 1970s and 1980s, the local population viewed this meal as:

 all of the above  

 too fatty  

 a big dinner  

 a snack  


Question 6

Women who are gun enthusiasts typically refer to themselves as feminists.




Question 7

The increasing number of women owning and carrying guns has resulted in which of the following?

 men continue to have the role of protectors  

 men respect women who know how to use a gun more  

 women no longer fear intruders  

 women have gained equal power in their households  


Question 8

Women are often told that they are better at shooting guns than men. Which of the following was one of the reasons?

 women are naturally more patient then men which helps with precision  

 women have naturally have a steadier stance  

 women typically have quicker reflexes than me which helps with hitting the target  

 Women are have a natural ability because of their small fingers  


Question 9

In Michigan, the most recent concealed gun law does not require that those seeking a  license to justify to authorities that there is a need to carry a concealed weapon.




Question 10

The author of the article continually referenced the dangers related to gun ownership in the United States.




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