Assess 2- individual submission 4

Assessment item 2 part 4- individual submission 4

This assessment item is a sub-deliverable of assessment item 2. For the complete assessment item 2 specification please view the specification document which can be found through the "Assessment item 2 - Final Group Submission (+assessment 2 specification)" link in the assessment block.


For this submission you must submit a zip file containing:

A Word document with your answers to Part B


Your completed peer assessment form(s)


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EYS***780 2019-10-15 05:44:56
Very informative and easy to understand.

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In terms of point 2, it is important that the feedback be used in a positive way. It should only include “constructive criticism”, i.e. it should:

  1. Provide positive feedback so that the team member understands what they are doing that works well.

Provide constructive criticism, i.e. advice about how a team member could 

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