Assess 2- individual submission 5

Assessment item 2 part 5 - individual submission 5

This assessment item is a sub-deliverable of assessment item 2. For the complete assessment item 2 specification please view the specification document which can be found through the "Assessment item 2 - Final Group Submission (+assessment 2 specification)" link in the assessment block.


For this submission you must submit a zip file containing:

A Word document with your answers to Part C questions

A copy of your group's PartC.mpp file

Your completed peer assessment form(s)


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EYS***784 2019-10-15 05:48:09
Scored full marks. Thanks for sharing.

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The aims of this peer assessment are twofold:

  1. to provide information to the markers to help with their assessment of student work 

to give students feedback from their peers to help students  to improve their skills when working as part of a 

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