Based on the Case Study Number 13 Carnival Cruise Line, answer the following question:


You have been hired as a strategic management consultant by Carnival Cruise Line.   What specific recommendations would you make to the senior management team in the development of their strategic management plans with the issues facing their company?  Be specific and provide logical justifications.  Your recommendations should include an Implementation Plan and follow up Evaluation and Control Plan as well.  


You need not write a synopsis, nor identify the resources, capabilities, and core competencies.  You should, however, understand what their resources, capabilities, and core competencies are.


Using the findings of fact “mentality”, discuss in detail any recommendations you may have.  You are required to submit three fully justified findings of fact andare NOTlimited to the 10 pages maximum.


• The final examination must be submitted by midnight, May 14, (Saturday), 2016, for full credit.  If it is not submitted by that time and date you will automatically lose 30 points.  If not received by midnight, May 15, (Sunday), 2015, you will receive a zero for your final examination.


Utilizing various analysis techniques that were presented in the book, lecture and course materials is expected to be demonstrated in development of your recommendations and used as support for your conclusions drawn.  

Keep in mind the grading criteria for assignments.  This is your final examination.  I expect you to demonstrate your mastery of the subject, it’s tools, how to apply them & use them to draw and support your findings and recommendations.    


Good luck!






mgmt479 final exam.docx
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