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Assume the role of a developmental psychologist that has been asked to provide advice to a 6-month pregnant woman and a postpartum woman. Prepare a 350- to 700-word memo in which you address the following items:

• Provide each woman with a daily activity list consisting of three to five activities that you believe will positively affect her infant’s future development. If necessary, provide a time frame within the lists.

• Provide an explanation of why you selected each activity and how it can contribute to the prenatal, postpartum, and future development of each woman’s child. Be sure that your explanation is based on developmental theory.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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Here are some every day exercises that will assistance in your child’s improvement similarly as you enter your last trimester. Stay away from drinking alcoholic refreshments. Those influences for liquor could prompt fetal liquor syndrome. Fetal liquor syndrome camwood lead a significant number conception defects “including. Abnormal facial characteristics, moderate physical growth, and hindered mental development” (Berger, 2010). Secondly, hunger is also a one of the main reason for conception defects

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