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1. Conduct a SWOT. Identify and illustrate 2 S, 2 W, 2 O & 2 T. 8 marks total

2. What HR related problems exist at Mega mines International? Illustrate your answer with specific examples from the case. 10 marks total.

3. What corporate/business-level strategy is Mega mines International implementing? Illustrate your answer.  2 marks total.

4. You have been appointed as a consultant to Mega mines International to identify HR related solutions to the problems identified in 2. above. Describe and illustrate how you will address/solve the identified problems. You do not need to state the problem, simply bullet point the problem then describe/illustrate your solution. 5 mark total.


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1. Big employee number: Mega mine employers have an understanding that big employee number is not helpful in increasing the productivity of company, but if we see a positive side of this aspect then more is the number of people more is the strength of a company.

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