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Question 1: Describe the strategic management process, and include how it is used by organizations. 

Question 2: Do you feel an organization should maintain their original mission and vision statement(s), or do you feel these statements should be periodically updated? Please explain your answer.

Question 3: Are "strategic management" and "strategic planning" synonymous terms? Explain. 

Question 4: Within this unit, we discussed how businesses may need to adapt to changing times in order to stay competitive. Their initial practices may have worked well previously, but may not serve them well in the long term. The newspaper industry is one that may face extinction. Explain why they may need to rethink their business strategy, and provide some advice on possible strategic management changes. Be specific to include goals/objects, strengths, and weaknesses. 

Question 5: Colleges and universities, like all business, have strengths, weaknesses, and competitors. What would you consider to be an online university's internal strengths and weaknesses? Why? Also, who would you say are the competitors to online universities? What are three external opportunities and three external threats?  

Internal strengths of online universities:


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Strategic management process is a flow which consists of three stages – strategy formulation, strategy implementation and strategy evaluation (David, F. R., & David, F. R., 2017). Organizations use the process by completing one stage at a time. The first stage includes the steps of forming a vision

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