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Discussion 1

  1.  Define and discuss potential interval/ratio variables (ope-rationalized concepts/constructs) from which you might construct a model/framework that depicts the interrelation of a dependent variable and independent variables.
  2. Discuss the problems and solutions related to the development of survey questions/items and the operationalization of concepts and constructs especially related to the survey measurement of interval/ratio concepts/constructs.

Discussion 2

  1. Discuss the major characteristics of good literature reviews. A good literature review needs to make reader aware of the rigorous yet pragmatic account of the topic which is being reviewed. Further, it shall not be simply a re-run of previous studies but a superseding descriptive analysis which acts as a train of thought for the upcoming research (Hart, C. 2018). A literature review also identifies the gap in the existing research.
  2. Contrast the merits of Qualitative and Quantitative Research in the field of Business Administration.


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For the ongoing study, the random selection will be performed on specific industries. This random selection will be based on the hierarchy as no specific level of employee shall be selected. Further the results will be compared, contrasted and attempt to integrate relationship between variables be made. As the study is of employment 

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