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What goal is the organization trying to accomplish? To maintain highest level of customer service while adhering to changing legislation that governs our ability to lend to our customers.

What processes or procedures will change after the training? Implementing stricter underwriting guidelines for lending while maintaining priority of providing exceptional service.

Describe the strategies or actions involved in the training exercise to meet established goals. What is the expected performance or applications after the training? How will the strategies drive successful business results and improve employee performance?  

How will the organization provide support to the employees receiving training? To new employees? Does this support consider strengths and weaknesses within the organization?

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EYS***760 2019-09-09 06:38:51
Very informative and easy to understand.

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This memo will describe the procedure and actions involved in the training exercise for our organization. The memo includes the goals of this training, processes involved during and after training, strategies in the training and employee support etc. The memo aims to establish a meaningful training course for the employees to keep them updated with the changes in the 

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