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Develop a final written proposal (1,250-1,500 words), discussing performance indicators, rewards and incentives, and a plan for motivating employees. Your proposal must include the following:

An evaluation of the current employee status. Describe tasks and performance indicators that contribute to the overall performance on the job.

Develop strategies to encourage employees. How will you reward them for their performance and support them during difficulty?

Describe strategies to leverage on employee assets. How will you identify their strengths and use them to better the performance and skills of individual employees?

Describe a vision for the overall culture you aspire to develop in your organization.

How will you integrate rewards and incentives to remain competitive in your market and appeal to your employees?

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This memo proposes a performance analysis and reward procedure which can be used as a standard rule across the organization. This system includes the metrics based on which employee will be reviewed and will be given a rating based on their performance. This rating will further be used in providing them with appropriate rewards and deciding 

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